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The term of membership is from April 1st to March 31st.
Members failing to pay their dues by the April Meeting of each year will forfeit their membership.

Subsequent application for renewal shall be handled as a new applicant,
unless in the opinion of the Membership Chairperson, extenuating circumstances warrant membership renewal.

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New & Renewal Membership Fees

Single Membership New/Renewal:
Family Membership New/Renewal:
Junior Membership New/Renewal:
Guest Membership New/Renewal:

Senior Single Membership Renewal Only:
Senior Family Membership Renewal Only:
$120 + $4 Processing Fee.
$155 + $5 Processing Fee.
$35 + $1.50 Processing Fee.
$110 + $4 Processing Fee.

$90 + $4 Processing Fee.
$125 + $4 Processing Fee

* New Members - The above yearly dues do not include the
$20 initiation fee, key card fee $3 and range safety course fee $5

The processing fees allow us to offer online membership renewal using credit card payment processors. Without charging the processing fees the impact would be significant to our organization. Thank you! We hope to see all of you in 2019!

Start Online Membership Renewals Application for 2019
Use the Renewals Application if:
  • PAYPAL for payment is not available at this time, coming soon!
  • Your ready to complete application & pay your membership renewal dues at the end of the application!
  • All Form Fields must be fill out, double check your form before submitting each page.
  • Your email address is to be the same on your application and billing to receive receipts.
  • On the payment page will be a link to save your membership. (Right Click & Save As to your Phone or Desktop)
  • You are completing this application after 2/1/2019 but before 4/2/2019.
  • You want to receive your membership card by email and pay your dues with a Credit Card.

Start Online New Membership Application for 2019
Use the New Membership Application if:
  • Your ready to complete application & show up at our next montly meeting! (1st Tuesday of Every Month!)
  • Your ready to be voted in at the next monthly meeting, pay your membership dues + $20 Initiation Fee, $3 Keycard, & $5 RSO Class.
  • If you are unable to make the meeting you may also be voted in if you are sponsored by an existing member. Please have the existing member forward a letter of sponsorship including your name and theirs to bkennison@nenameseck.com. Pease note that if you are voted in without being present it is your responsibility to contact our head range officer Don Sprowl at dsprowl@nenameseck.com or 413-575-6570 and make arrangements to attend the required RSO class.
  • You want to fast track your new application for the next required Monthly Club meeting.
  • You are completing this application after 4/1/2019 but before 4/2/2020.

For Membership Questions? bkennison@nenameseck.com
For Portal Techincal Issues? webmaster@nenameseck.com

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